Series: The Hawks #2

by Jennie Lynn Roberts

Release date: April 22nd 2021

Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance



He’ll do anything to save her. And then he’ll say goodbye…

Being framed for murder, captured, and tortured for weeks didn’t break Val. But seeing Alanna every day, knowing she didn’t love him as he loved her, surely would. So, he’ll do whatever is necessary to stop the king from executing her…then he’ll walk away. Forever.

Queen Alanna gave up everything—including her soul mate— to secure the treaty that would end the war. Now, her husband wants her dead and any chance she had for true happiness with Val is ruined.

The king’s new guards are arrayed against them, the threat of war looms large, and their enemy has the upper hand. When all is said and done, will Alanna choose to sacrifice her own happiness to save her kingdom? Or will she risk it all for a second chance at happily ever after with Val?

Val, book 2 in The Hawks series, is a sexy, steamy, adult fantasy romance full of swords, shifters (kind of), and tons of action. But fair warning: This book is intended only for readers who love slow burn romance, fast-paced adventure, soul mates and found family—and characters who curse when they fight for survival. If that’s you, happy reading.




Alanna closed her eyes for a moment, wishing everything was different. She opened them again and tried to make him understand. “They can’t simply throw me into a cell. There’s no actual evidence against me, and I’m a princess of both Verturia and Brythoria. There has to be a trial. When I see the Nephilim justice, I’ll simply tell them the truth.”
And then she let go of his hand, of the safety that he gave her, and tried to do the right thing, to set him free. “But you should go, Lanval. Distance yourself from me. Go home to your family and keep them safe. It will take time for me to clear our names. It would be better if you were far away.”
He looked down at her, jaw clenched, complex emotions moving through his eyes as he gently cupped her cheek.
His voice was deep and low as he replied, “I’m not leaving you. I agree that distance would be better, and I will gladly go, but only if you come with me. Let’s seek out the Nephilim together.”
She shook her head helplessly, hating what she would have to say. Knowing what it cost him to ask her. Wishing she could close her eyes against the depth of feeling written across his face. Wishing, with all her heart, that she could take his hand and simply walk away with Val beside her.
He ran his thumb softly over her cheek once more, his voice barely more than a whisper. “Gods, Alanna. I once swore to a friend that I would never get involved with a married woman. But I’ll break that oath for you. You must know that it won’t be safe for you in the palace on your own. Surely you can see that this would be for the best?”
Her throat grew tight, as if something thick and heavy was lodged in it. Maybe her heart. “I can’t. I can’t desert my people. And what would happen if I were to be found with your family? It would be their deaths. I want you to go alone.”
He looked down at her, his eyes as dark as a moonless night. “Alanna, please, don’t do this. I lo—”
“No. Don’t….” She couldn’t let him say it. She desperately pressed her fingers over his lips, frantic to keep him quiet. If he said it, they would be lost. She couldn’t let him feel it, even think it, much less acknowledge it.
He had to go. Get far away from the disaster of Ravenstone. If Ballanor even suspected that Val loved her, he would kill him, excruciatingly, over many days.
“Val, I can’t, I mean… I don’t want….” She swallowed the rest of her words as Val’s eyes shuttered, the silver flecks turning gray and dull.
He dropped his hand from her cheek and stepped out of her reach, his face set and hard. “Fine. But don’t ask me to leave again. I promised to keep you safe. And whatever you may think of me, I do not break vows lightly.”


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Jennie Lynn Roberts believes that every strong, kickass heroine should have control of her own story, a swoony hero to support her at every turn, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Because that doesn’t always happen in real life, she began creating her own worlds that work just the way they should. And she hasn’t looked back since.   

Jennie would rather be writing than doing anything else—except for spending time with her gorgeous family, of course. But when she isn’t building vibrant new worlds, she can be found nattering with friends, baking up a storm, or strolling in the woods around her home in England.  

If you want to talk books, romance, movies, reluctant heroes, or just about anything else with Jennie, feel free to contact her But be prepared to settle in for a long chat if you bring up shifters, vampires, Star Wars, or The Princess Bride….

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